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3 Main Drum Handling Equipment Types

Drum handling equipment, a kind of mechanical equipment that is used to handle and transport cylindrical shaped objects such as drums, barrels steel and plastic and fiber drums. Now drums can be difficult to handle as they are quite heavy and difficult to control. However you will find numerous renowned firms that offer best range of drum handling equipment.

Drum handling Equipment

Here I would like to mention a few types of drum handling equipment widely being used around.

  • Drum trolley, a drum trolley is an equipment providing steady base for the drum inserted; it has wheels that are used for easy movements once the drum is placed on it. And such equipments can carry loads safely up to 220 KG.
  • Forklift drum handlers: This serves to be best for both lifting and drum handling purpose. There are forklifts attached to lift and transport a drum in upright position.
  • Drum Rackers: they are used for lifting, moving and storing drums. And depending on which one to purchase, you can determine how high you should store drums.

Drum Handling – Factors to Keep in Mind While Handling Drums

Infinite amount of accidents take place while mishandling drums and more often than not, it takes place because the workers aren’t trained well and are unaware of the different kinds of potential threats posed by drums.


Here are a few things to keep in mind while drum handling.

  • Always use the appropriate drum handling equipment meant for the purpose.
  • Different drums require different kinds of treatment. For example drums containing moving objects such as portable fuel tanks, or drums that are half filled have to be moved very carefully.
  • You need to be specifically careful in picking drums that are set in a corner as they might to tricky to get a grip of.
  • Make sure the drum trolleys are of the size and shape as per drums.
  • If you are using pallets, inspect them carefully as they sometimes end up causing damage to the drums.

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