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How to Buy a Quality Waterjet Cutter

A waterjet cutter is a prime piece of equipment that is perfect for a wide range of cutting applications, regardless of industries and types of facilities. If you think that you need one for your operations, you know that you should be able to make the most out of the investment. After all, a waterjet cutter can fetch quite a pretty price – and if you are willing to shell out that much, you should be able to get considerable rewards.

To be guided in your selection process, remember these reminders.

i35  Waterjet Cutting tools

Make sure you know what you need it for

A waterjet cutter may be able to address a lot of industry requirements, but its full power can only be harnessed if your facility is putting it to great use. For this reason, take the time to sit down and list down your specific needs. For example, if you need to deliver a certain number of cut parts on a weekly basis, that will have to factor in a certain number of cutting heads for maximum productivity. Similarly, if you need a high-precision equipment for specialised tasks, then investing in a more powerful machining equipment may be necessary.


Take stock of workplace conditions, limitations, and other factors

Aside from your specific operational needs, your workplace conditions and limitations should also be carefully considered. If you’re gonna have to operate the equipment outdoors, for example, installation must accommodate certain provisions that may impede the functionality of your processes.

Or if you have to work with budget constraints, you will want to make sure that you get the best possible water jet cutter for the amount of money that you can spend. If your staff need additional training in operating a certain kind of waterjet cutter, you should also take note of that.


Choose a good manufacturer

Finally, buy from a good manufacturer. An established name such as Techni Waterjet is not only going to promise comprehensive product support throughout the lifetime of the machine, it will also assure you of the quality of your investment.

In some cases, your supplier may not be the manufacturer of the product itself. If you run into such a situation, make sure that the supplier is accredited to carry the products of the manufacturer in their catalog. In addition, ask if they can offer complete product support – this will be particularly important if you need after-sales repairs and maintenance solutions.