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The Capabilities and Benefits of 3D Printing in Australia

3D printing has definitely taken so many countries, such as Australia by storm. The potential of this technology seems endless, especially with its promising advances in the dental and medical fields. The capabilities and benefits of the technology has been very instrumental in the many things that we enjoy today that has made our lives easier and more convenient.


3D Printing: Its Capabilities in Dentistry


Repair or replace a damaged tooth

With the use of a digital wand, the dentist can scan the mouth of the patient. With this, a 3D image will be created. This is then saved as a file in the computer. With the help of CAD or Computer Aided Design it lets the dentists to digitally design and print the finished product on a printer.


Make an Orthodontic Model

A pre-3D printer often includes having the patient to bite down on gooey and uncomfortable clay that hardens into a mold. This becomes the initial model when designing a treatment for invisalign or braces. This is not the case when it comes to 3D printing. With 3D technology, a dentist can make use of the technology to scan teeth and design an orthodontic appliance and print the end-result.


Produce bridge, crowns, dentures, caps, etc.

The process above can be used to 3D print different kinds of dental implants. The difference however is the precise material that used in the process of printing.


Make Surgical Tools

A 3D printer is not only capable of handling the dental implants, but even 3D print the drill guides that are necessary to complete dental procedures.


Benefits in Dental Industry

The dental industry has greatly relied on laboratories to produce bridges, crowns, and other types of implants for so many years now. So, why would they change to this technology now? This is simply because doing so will be a win-win situation.


Save Money

Adding a dental laboratory in Australia means incurring significant costs for the dental practice. If this is implemented in-house, the cost will be very high. You will also have to employ staff to produce the implants. This entails a considerable amount of investment.

On the other hand, the use of 3D printing means more savings. You only have to make an initial investment that includes a starting supply of different materials. These materials factor into lifetimes costs but are still so much lower than having to run a dental lab.

Patients also get to save money. The high cost of having a dental lab often reflects on the patient’s bill. With the use of traditional technologies, a crown could easily cost so much. With a 3D printer, you can have lower overhead costs by up to 80%, thus dentists would be able to pass the savings to their patients.

In today’s time, 3D printing can greatly help not only in dental or medical field, but even in other industries like fashion, education, construction, and so many others.