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Choosing Silvan Tanks: A General Guide


Silvan tanks are recognised all over the world to be among the best equipment of their type. In Australia, in particular, they are one of the most easily identifiable staples in many facilities and premises. So if you need one for your operations, you have the comfort of knowing that you will be purchasing a product that has an established history of quality performance and results. But if you want to make sure that you find the best value for your money, keeping these tips in mind will be helpful.

Know your requirements

There are various types of Silvan tanks that you can choose from, and each of them is suited to differing requirements. Diesel transfer tanks, for instance, vary according to the maximum volume of liquid that they can hold. Similarly, the SquatPak spraying tanks are best suited for use alongside UTVs.

Some Silvan tanks also come with accessories that prescribe certain working conditions. For example, their spraying tanks’ mounting points must be used on ground that is solid and stable. Certain tanks are also better for those who have to consider harsh weather conditions, as in the case of their diesel transfer tanks for those who live in areas that experience intense heat.

So when selecting your tanks, it is important to have a clear idea of the requirements that you have to meet. At the same time, you should make sure that your premises have the necessary measures that are critical to the full functional use of the tanks.


Choose a good distributor

It is also essential to choose the right supplier of Silvan tanks in Australia, such as Fuel Tank Hire and Sales. Why? Your supplier or distributor is the point of contact between the brand’s solid reputation since the 1960s and the personal satisfaction that you will get from the product. If you buy it from an unapproved distributor or supplier, after all, you will most probably not get the quality that you thought you paid for. Your product’s warranty will also be secured with a good supplier or distributor.

If you need personalised guidance of selecting the right tank for what you need, companies like Fuel Tank Hire and Sales will provide the helpful assistance that you need. This is to make sure that you find the right product that will be integral to your operations, and you will not waste your money on something that will not prove to be fruitful for your needs.