Industrial Machines

Importance of Machine Repair and Keeping Your Maintenance Record

For companies that offer equipment for hire, they would agree that the fleet is the lifeblood of their business. Given this, it is a must to keep the equipment at their best condition. If necessary, machine repair should also be performed. Doing these things can help minimize the risk of having unscheduled downtimes. When performing maintenance, keeping a comprehensive record is very important too, whether it is scheduled or otherwise. This will help you better understand the reason and importance of keeping your equipment at their best.

Why Should You Keep A Maintenance Record?

Avoid Costly Repair Works

With continuous use, the equipment is subject to wear and tear. With routine inspections, you will see any damage and repair them immediately before it gets worse. Documenting the inspection and repairs will allow you to keep track of the maintenance works performed on the equipment, thus ensuring that every machine is in its best shape.

Create a Specialized Maintenance Program

Every equipment gets exposed to different working situations and they also have their own limitations. But by performing routine checkups, you can determine, as well as record the differences of each from the others when it comes to maintenance works. The information you will gather will help you come up with a maintenance program that is specifically catered to each equipment.

Avoid Warranty-Related Claims

Documenting each repair and any maintenance work done on the equipment will greatly help in claiming the warranty. Document each maintenance is done on the equipment, as well as the time and date when the repair was done and other information that might be necessary.

Increase Operator Safety

If a piece of equipment is well-maintained, accidents that may occur due to a malfunctioning machine is greatly reduced. When an incident that involves a faulty machine happens, there are higher chances that the operator will be the first one to get affected. But if you have a well-documented maintenance history, you can keep track of the health of the machine and avoid any incident that can put the life of the operator at risk.

Track the Accountable Equipment

A single machine may have different operators. Doing a routine inspection and having a record of all the findings will allow you to track down who is responsible for the damage in the machine. Such a record will also encourage operators to be extra careful with the machine.

Increases Resale Value

A detailed record of all the performance maintenance and machine repair can increase the resale value of the equipment. Buyers assess a piece of equipment before they decide on buying it, especially of the machine have been used already. Providing the buyer with a documentation of the machine’s maintenance history will give them an idea of the condition of the equipment that they are about to purchase.

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