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Security Doors 2017: New Trends

strongox security door

The decision to invest in security doors is one that will prove to be rewarding for homeowners, especially if you have children. If you are thinking that now is the time to install such an important home component, congratulations! You and your family are well on your way to higher protection, as well as a significant increase in your home’s market value. And if you want to make the most out of these two benefits, consider installing security doors with these new features.

Precision Manufacturing

Today’s range of security doors is not limited to options that only meet the bare minimum in standards, as you can easily find doors that are calibrated with specific configurations for added security. Chief of these is better material design, as in the case of including more stainless steel and other high-performing metals in their engineering.


Enhanced Aesthetics

Gone are the days of installing security doors that do not meld with the existing aesthetic theme of homes. If you have the budget for them, you can now opt for doors that are especially attractive; in fact, some security doors now come with more options for design customisation. If you want floral patterns in the plating, for example, certain manufacturers will be able to deliver that.


Integration with Other Existing Protection Systems

The integration of security doors with other home protection systems is not new, but today’s options cover far more than previous offerings. For example, where only doors can be synced with other home protection systems before, you can now choose to add security grilles and windows to your system for more comprehensive protection.


Choosing Your Installer

Are any of the above appealing to you? If so, you should make sure that your security doors installer can be trusted upon to execute them. To that end, look for these markers when selecting your specific door professional.


In Australia, a security door installer must be licenced for practice, so make sure that your candidate has the right credentials.

Quality of Delivered Results

The difference in the quality of craftsmanship of licenced security door installers is the happiness of their previous customers. As such, take the time to read up on reviews or testimonials from previous clients.


Quote Inclusions

Finally, check that everything that you need your installer to do is covered by the price you will be paying them. If you are unsure about anything, ask your installer. In this way, you will not have to run into unpleasant – and costly! – surprises from hidden charges.