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Water jet abrasive machine

 Water jet abrasive machineThe water jet abrasive machine is a combination of the polishing machine and the water-cutting machine. This machine is controlled by the same water jet cutter program, and it can highly abrasion and polishing after water cutting. This machine is manufactured using heavy steel materials, and is the most used machine for cutting materials such as stone, marble and glass. This product is equipped with rotary servo motor with high speed up to 8000 rpm. It also has a cooling system, which protects the polishing wheel and circulation axis, thus ensuring cold abrasion without causing any damage to materials. As for the polishing process, wheels can be fitted to different degrees on one head, to meet different needs of customers.

The water jet abrasive machine adopts compact abrasive equipment to fine-tune the workpiece. It is mainly used for high precision machining, such as internal cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces and other types of surfaces. The water cutting control system can efficiently control the movement of the water jet head, including the automatic setting of the time and type of treatment. Based on the needs of customers, we offer various kinds of jetting nozzle. For example, the ruby ​​nozzle is cheap and can be used for more than 70 hours, while the diamond nozzle has a length of service of up to 1500 hours under good water conditions.